We R Who We R: Lindsay Lohan Edition

Finally, after 18 million stints in rehab and a number of failed film projects, it seems as though our precious LiLo is finally getting her act together, landing a role in a Lifetime Original Movie playing the late, great Liz Taylor. However, I’m not alright with this. For years, I have said I wanted LiLo to revert back to the fantastic ginger actress she once was; but I’ve recently decided that she shouldn’t have to change who she is for arbitrary things such as “respect” or “dignity”. And evidently, she agrees.

Here is Lindsay serving some honey badger realness, not giving a fuck that she looks like a long-forgotten relative of Anna Nicole Smith. Though while her clothes say the bank just foreclosed on her double-wide, her face says, “I’ve got a trunk full of FourLoko and it’s ALL MINE.” I can’t tell if it’s pity or jealousy that I feel right now. Too close to call.

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