Golden Globes 2012: Kelly Osbourne

You would think that hosting a show such as Fashion Police would give you some insight into what looks good and what doesn’t – and for the most part, Kelly Osbourne has been doing relatively well for herself. Enter, this:

There are so many things going on here, that I’m not sure where to start. In order to easy my Osbourne-induced headache, I’ll make this simple.

1. The only person who tries to make silver hair work these days is Jay Manuel. And NO ONE should ever try and emulate him.
3. Mermaid silhouettes seem to have been very popular on this carpet, but I still don’t understand the appeal. How the hell do you walk in that? If you fall over, can you easily get back up? Do they just want to be “a part of that world”? 50 million dollar questions, these ones.
4. Her smile says everything. She KNOWS she shouldn’t be wearing this. She KNOWS it won’t do her any justice. Yet here she is.

Honorable Mention: That clutch doesn’t do any favors.

Whew. Now that that’s all out of my system, I need a drink.

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