Golden Globes 2012: Dianna Agron

Because I have an uncontrollable desire to cause serious, permanent damage to the retinas, I give you Dianna Agron AKA The Glee Club Strikes Back.

I guess I can give her props for trying something bold here; but maybe she should have taken a more conservative route, rather than wearing a dress fashioned from an actual phoenix – her breasts, rising from the ashes of a Tina Turner flapper dress. Maybe the goal of the Glee cast is to force us all to have such low expectations for them, leading us to actually LIKE the show when we watch it. And if so, they should try a little harder.

For the Oscars, she should try wearing go-go boots, hot pants, and a tube top; then maybe my opinion will change.

But let’s be honest. It won’t.

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