Jennifer Love Hewitt Saves Television

If there’s one person in Hollywood that I have never been able to get enough of, it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt – especially after her Emmy-nominated performance on Lifetime as a busted Texas housewife/whore in The Client List. And apparently, the movie had a pretty strong affect on the executives over at Lifetime; they decided to turn it into a television show starring JLH. Did you get that? A FUCKING TELEVISION SHOW.

If you’re unfamiliar with the plot, JLH loses her job, and has no means to support her family other than working as a prostitute at The Kind Touch Health Spa. At the spa, JLH kind-touches some of the most prominent men in rural Texas and quickly rises the ranks to become the best damn kind-toucher in the history of kind-touching. However, that’s when she gets a drug problem, her husband leaves her, and she basically becomes that bitch with the big red “A” on her chest. What was her name again? Amanda? Ashley? Whatever.

Needless to say, the television show can only make this plot-line better; and I am waiting with bated breath.

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