Today In Jumpsuits: Tyra Banks

As we sidle into this edition of “Today In Jumpsuits”, I remember that Tyra Banks is no stranger to a silly onesie. Hell, two cycles ago on ANTM, she wore a different jumpsuit to every elimination. However, I think this one goes in a direction that I rarely see these days:

You see, every time I look at this jumpsuit, all I can see is Sandy saying, “Tell me about it, stud,” getting extra slutty so she can prove her love to Danny Zuco. Honestly:

SEE?! I mean sure, Olivia Newton-John isn’t black, or veritably insane (that one I don’t actually know); but Tyra, you don’t have to dress like a skank to impress us. All you have to do is stay your cracktastic self. But if you wanted to fire Jay Manuel from the show, that definitely wouldn’t hurt.

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