New Leaked Photos of Miley Cyrus

Christmas is coming up in the next two days, and what better way to ring in the holiday than Miley Cyrus getting her nipple licked by her assistant? That’s a rhetorical question; there is nothing better:

The look on her face almost makes you believe that she didn’t know this photo would be leaked within a matter of hours. But of course she knew it was going to make it’s way to the web. It’s like saying Kim Kardashian didn’t have anything to do with her sex-tape showing up, launching her from obscurity to D-list status.

But what I’m most curious about here is what in the name of all that is holy is that dress? I can only assume it is what happens when bondage and jersey material decide to have a child, but that child turns out to have down-syndrome and manages to survive the abortion.

Yep, pretty sure that hits the nail on the head.

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