Ke$ha Continues To Fail At Clothing

Earlier today, I made a post concerning Katy Perry and her poor, poor choice for a red-carpet dress at the EMA’s. However, she seems to have been outdone by the Queen of Trash herself: Ke$ha. I mean, a red sequined dress that resembles an admission ticket is nothing compared to this piece of work:

To be fair, I am kind of surprised there is no leopard print present. Though, that doesn’t deter from the fact that there is a full yard of inexplicable feathers hanging from her clutch and rips throughout her t-shirt (at what point does a t-shirt with hella rips stop being a t-shirt?). Also, satin pants. PURPLE. SATIN. PANTS. Good Lord, is nothing sacred anymore?!

But wait… where is the glitter? Is Ke$ha seriously making a public appearance without any glitter on her body?

Oh thank God. Dodged a bullet with that one.

One thought on “Ke$ha Continues To Fail At Clothing

  1. Berk

    only Prince is allowed to wear purple satin pants. Or maybe some queen's pajama pants are ok too. The break down: if no one is calling you a royal pronoun, don't do it.


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